Claim your £50 Early Cancellation Credit Here

Saving you even more with EE Broadband

If you have cancellation fees or early termination charges from your previous broadband and calls provider, as a result of leaving your contract early and switching to EE broadband, this is the place to upload your digital bill so we can credit your EE broadband account with £50.

You must meet the below eligibility criteria before your claim is processed:

You were in contract with your previous provider on the date you placed your order for EE broadband.

You have received your final bill from your previous provider, clearly showing any charges for ending contract early (cancellation or early termination charges – does not include any outstanding out of bundle call charges).

You have successfully switched to EE Broadband and you are claiming within 90 days of your service going live

The £50 Early Cancellation Credit offer is only available to customers who are in contract with another provider for their broadband and calls subscription on the date they join EE broadband and paid charges incurred for leaving early (for example “early termination” or “early cancellation” charges, does not include standard monthly or outstanding call charges), evidence of which must be provided by uploading electronic copies at, where instructions on how to do this are provided. You must claim within 90 days of your EE broadband service being activated. Credit will be applied to your EE broadband account in the next month following the satisfactory completion and processing of your request. The credit will remain on your account with subsequent bills deducted from the balance until the credit runs out.